All About Finding The Best Long Island Hypnosis Practices

All About Finding The Best Long Island Hypnosis Practices

Like most people, Grace – a long-time resident of Long Island, New York -did not believe anything good could come out of hypnotherapy. However, after stumbling from one type of therapy to another to keep her off cigarettes, Grace knew she had to try something a little less conventional and more crazy.

Thankfully for her, there was a friend who had been going to a hypnotherapist, for help in losing weight, and has been enjoying success with hypnotherapy.

If you find yourself being in the shoes of Grace, you will definitely want to find a hypnotherapist who can help you. If you live in Long Island, there are quite a number of highly-trained professionals who are experienced enough to know what works and what does not work in their practice. If you want to go find them, just go to Google and type in the words “Long Island hypnosis“.

If you did just that, you will see that there are many local businesses that fall under the Butterfly hypnosis category. But here comes the question, which one do you go to? Well, we really think you should go to the best ones. And thankfully for you, finding the best ones in the local hypnosis industry can be as easy as going to Yelp and checking out the top practices that are enjoying average star ratings of over 4 out of five, and have mostly positive customer reviews.
And if you want to be sure, you can cross-reference the information with the results you find on Google local, you know, that section below the search bar that has a local map and directory-type listing. You will see that just below the business name is the average star rating and an excerpt of a customer review.

Of course, the best hypnotists would be found on both Google and Yelp enjoying the same level of star ratings and customer reviews. If you can find a business on Yelp but can’t find it on Google, that should raise a red flag.

In any case, if you need the help of a hypnotherapist for whatever reason, the best way to shield yourself from scammers is knowing what hypnotism is all about and what its limitations are. It’s not a form of mind control. Rather, it is a method of embedding suggestions to your subconscious mind so that there is change in the way you behave or in the severity of your cravings for sweets or cigarettes. It’s a lot like reprogramming your mind to make changes, only that you are using someone else to do the rework for you (unlike in the case of using affirmations).

Also, in order for hypnosis to truly work, your subconscious mind must fully cooperate. You may say yes, but subconsciously your mind may be rejecting the idea of hypnosis. How do you know your subconscious mind hates the idea of hypnosis if you do not feel good in your good just thinking about it.